Personal & Professional Development

Whether exploring opportunities at work, home, or the world at large, I may not know enough to provide you all the answers on how to get to where you're going, but because of the unusual insights life has afforded me, no matter where you're coming from I probably know what questions to ask to help you find your way.


I continue to accompany you as you share that vision with others, providing expert editing and writing services for grants, proposals, publications, college/grad school admission, and more. Click here for recommendations.

Private teaching, mentoring and tutoring

for young people of all ages considering a wide variety of careers, in a wide variety of subjects across the arts (including music lessons), sciences and professions. Click here for qualifications.

To schedule a free first conversation, please contact me at or call (USA) 914.334.2966


All photography by JS Wilson  

All photography by JS Wilson