Remember St. Patrick's Parade Scene in "The Fugitive"?

The Fugitive.jpg

Harrison Ford wandering through a crowd trying not to be found, Tommy Lee Jones failing to see someone hiding in plain sight, everyone else mere bystanders to a drama that they don't even know is unfolding around them.

Is there an allegory here?

It may not have been intentional, but this early 90s classic is much more than just the (awesome) thriller it was billed to be. It begs us to ask the essential question:

If everything I value is, or is going to be, lost, why bother?

So here's a lesson plan to do just that, from the curriculum "Exploring Existential Questions through (mostly) Funny Films":

These lesson plans can be used by anyone, but were especially created for young people -- 8th grade to early college -- who are in recovery.

Next up, we'll return to comedy to visit the first film in this series: exploring issues of identity, particularly the temptation to project and protect a false self-image, in "What About Bob?"

See you at the movies!