Where I've been = broad perspective + practical focus

Where I've been

An acupuncturist and herbalist for Boston's AIDS community, instrumental in starting a Catholic college-prep high school for low-income New Yorkers, an attorney with a global law firm, supporting and editing the scholarship of hundreds of university faculty across over 30 disciplines, an educational specialist for adolescents with addictive behavior disorders, and a musician for bars and chapels alike, to name a few of the professional landscapes that have fostered my diverse outlook on life. 

Broad perspective

The perspective I bring to the exploration of your professional & personal development is therefore multifaceted, faith filled and philosophically grounded.

Practical focus

However, your professional & personal development also deserve the same practical focus each of those professional landscapes required:

  • Patients needed to feel better
  • Low-income families needed their children's options expanded
    & students from all incomes needed their families and futures restored
  • Countries and corporations needed their bottom line benefitted
  • Faculty needed to have their research funded and results read by their peers and the public
  • People in the bar needed music to dance to and parishioners in the pews needed songs they could sing

My LinkedIn profile provides the details of my professional experiences and accomplishments, including endorsements and recommendations.

However, for a short sample of musical performances that serve as a concrete yet fun example of the broad perspective, disciplined approach and playful inventiveness I bring to all endeavors - including your professional & personal development - click here!

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